By the Dot Org Solutions Team

For the past four months, we have been busy here at Dot Org Solutions.

During this time period, we have: launched our own rebrand, rolled out a new brand for a client, worked on an area-wide marketing campaign, developed websites, created and distributed promotional materials for national and international events, completed grant applications, networked, attended events and volunteered. (We also managed to take some vacations, which our president, Amy Wong, discusses in this post.)

And, amidst all of this work, we have managed to stick with our New Year’s resolution – we have posted weekly blog posts about our work, trending topics in the industry and more.

Here is a recap of our blog activity from our second quarter.

People to see, places to be.

Throughout this second quarter, you probably saw at least one of the Dot Org Solutions team members at an event, function or program. Whether we were spending a weekend coding at Cleveland GiveCamp or serving as the media sponsor for the Summit Artspace Arts Alive Awards ceremony, we did quite a bit of networking – and learned many things in the process.

Some examples of blog posts related to networking and events include the following:

Why do we need to work our network?: Following the Bounce Innovation Hub open house event, which is where we introduced the new Dot Org Solutions brand, our director of fundraising consulting, Sara Lundenberger, explains why it is important to network at events for professional growth and development.

Connecting in meaningful ways: What nonprofits and small businesses can learn from the YouToo Social Media Conference: Our marketing and public relations account coordinator, Lauryn Rosinski, writes about her experience at the YouToo Social Media Conference and details some important lessons she learned that may benefit nonprofits and small businesses.

Being a “geek” for good: What I learned as a first-time volunteer for Cleveland GiveCamp and Then and now: All the things I have learned as a Cleveland GiveCamp volunteer: All four of the Dot Org Solutions team members participated in the Cleveland GiveCamp weekend July 2018. In her post, Lauryn discusses her experience as a first-time volunteer; meanwhile, Sara discusses what she learned at her first Cleveland GiveCamp in 2015 – and what she learned helping manage a project during Cleveland GiveCamp 2018.

Learning with the Dot Org Solutions team

We have all worked in the marketing and fundraising sectors for quite some time – in fact, we have more than a combined 70 years of experience. Needless to say, we know quite a bit about the industry we work in.

As advisors and consultants, it is our job to educate others on how to do what we do. And, as professionals, it is our job to educate ourselves on aspects of the industry we may be unfamiliar with.

Some learning-based posts we have written include the following:

Grants 101: Tips and best practices from a director of fundraising consulting: Sara, who has worked on more than a few grant projects in her career, provides tips on how beginners can succeed when applying for grant funding.

Learning is a life-long process: In this blog post, Amy dives into the broad subject of “learning” and discusses how asking questions, reading books and listening helps individuals grow both inside and outside of the workplace.

Doing PR the “write” way: In order for public relations professionals to be successful, they must be strong, concise writers. Our director of marketing and public relations services, Jeanine Black, teaches readers how they can hone their writing skills by practicing, learning and proofreading.

Pitching the media without a PR background: Throughout her career, Amy has worked with and pitched to journalists; however, she understands that not everyone has a similar background in public relations. She explains in this post how professionals don’t have to have extensive public relations training to be successful at media relations.

Experience the world of an agency

Many of our blog posts were inspired by real-life events. In fact, there have been several moments when, after working with a client or concluding a project, one of us decided to write a blog post about our experience. Other blogs have focused on the behind-the-scenes work we do every day in our office.

Some of our blog posts that were “based off of a true story” included the following:

Let’s talk about brands: As we were helping a client rebrand, Lauryn was asked to research the intricate pieces and parts that make up a brand. She was inspired by this assignment and focuses on the subject of brands in her blog post.

To bill or not to bill: At Dot Org Solutions, we diligently track our time. In her blog post, Jeanine writes about how some public relations firms may bill their clients unethically – but, at Dot Org Solutions, we do not engage in such practices.

You know you have a good vendor when…: As some of the Dot Org Solutions team members were finishing up a major project, we realized we AND the client had missed a typo on a project – and it had already been sent to the mail house! Amy details this experience and writes how our vendors came through and helped us fix a critical mistake and avoid what could have been a “crisis.”

Based off of our schedules, it looks like we are not slowing down here at the Dot Org Solutions office any time soon. (And trust me – we love it and are not complaining!) However, we still plan on delivering our weekly blogs to let you in our trade secrets, tell you our stories and show you why we are the go-to team when it comes to marketing and fundraising consulting.