By Kayleigh Fladung – Marketing and PR services manager 

My first few weeks as a member of the Dot Org Solutions team have flown by, and as the one-month mark approaches, I’ve found myself reflecting on my new role.

I first learned about Dot Org Solutions late last fall and was immediately intrigued by the work Amy and her team were doing there. I began my career working in public relations agencies and eventually moved into the nonprofit sector, so the prospect of combining those experiences sounded like an exciting challenge. After meeting the team and learning more about their clients, I knew this was a place I would enjoy working.

After a month on the job, I’ve found there are a few things that set Dot Org Solutions apart:

1) I was encouraged to jump right in and start learning by doing. My first week on the job, I went to on-site client meetings, attended the State of the City address and pulled together deliverables for a client’s upcoming board meeting. Getting up to speed meant digging into projects immediately, not waiting for someone to tell me what to do next. I’ve been busy since day one and I am loving every minute of it.

2) Our team is small but mighty. Most of my friends and family have been surprised to learn that we’re a team of four, especially when I explain all the exciting projects we’re working on and clients we’re serving. Since we are a small company, there is an all-hands-on-deck mentality. We proofread each other’s projects, talk through complicated situations together and make sure our office is running smoothly. No task is too small or too big for any one team member. I think this environment helps us serve our clients even better. We know what it’s like to work on a small team and accomplish big goals, and we’re working with companies that are looking for ways to do just that.

3) Building good relationships is essential to success. As a small team, we spend a lot of time together. I’m lucky I’ve landed at a company that values good relationships between coworkers, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Amy, Sara and Lauryn. They have all patiently answered my questions, shared best practice tips and advice and have made me feel like part of the team since my first day. Building good relationships with clients is equally important. In some cases, we operate almost as an extension of a client’s internal team, and without good relationships and communication, we can’t be successful. We care about each other, and about each other’s successes. The mutual respect between our team and our clients allows us to offer them great support and deliverables.

4) Community involvement and professional development are valued and encouraged. As an agency that supports nonprofits and small businesses, we recognize and champion the important work these organizations do for the community. However, we can’t stop there. Each member of our team is actively involved in the community outside of our normal client work. Serving on boards, as committee members and as volunteers for local organizations is important to all of us. Attending conferences and professional development or networking events is also encouraged. We all see the value in continued education, professional development and serving our communities, and I think that makes a difference in the work we do each day.

5) We all believe in the good work our clients are doing. On my first day at Dot Org Solutions, Amy told me that one of her main principles has been to help organizations that we really believe in and feel it is important to help. That has stuck with me and is something that I value most about working here. Our clients are doing amazing work and making a difference in the community. They are passionate about their missions and that is abundantly clear in every meeting I’ve had so far. I’m using my experience and skills to help them strategize, effectively communicate and expand their reach, so that they can impact as many people as possible.

Dot Org Solutions isn’t your typical agency, and it shows. The company’s commitment to helping organizations that are making a difference is what drew me here and what makes me excited to go to work every day. It’s been a great first month, and I’m proud to officially be part of the Dot Org Solutions team!

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