By Lauryn Rosinski – Marketing and PR account coordinator

We are heading into 2019, and man, what a crazy year it has been for nonprofits, small businesses and even Dot Org Solutions. Countless grant applications have been filled out, hundreds of events have been put on, hundreds of projects have been completed and many board meetings have taken place.

As we are finishing off the year and things are finally starting to slow down, the idea of unwinding, curling up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate sounds very appealing. However, I encourage nonprofit and small business professionals to take advantage during this quiet holiday time to start your organization’s new year off fresh. This is a good time to check all the last 2018 items off your to-do list, read through and respond to emails sitting in your inbox – and update your social media accounts.

Many organizations and businesses are great about updating their newsfeeds and adding posts on a regular basis. However, they don’t keep on top of some administrative functions that are just as important. So, here are some quick tips to get your social media ready for a new year.

  1. Modify your social media accounts based off any organizational rebranding or change.

I am listing the most important tip first – if your organization has undergone some sort of rebranding efforts or a major change, it is important that your social media accounts reflect that. After all, audiences that follow your organization care about what is happening – and they want to be kept up-to-date in the new year.

If the language of the mission has changed, make sure to edit this statement in your bio. (You’ll learn more about updating your social media bios in my next tip.) If your organization’s logo was redesigned, be sure to edit your organization’s profile pictures and cover photos. If your organization has a new website – well, you catch my drift.

  1. Update your organization’s social media bios.

Most social media accounts allow personal and business users to fill out bios for their social media followers to read. For organizations, it is important to make sure these bios are up-to-date; after all, many of their followers go to bios to get an overview of the organization, learn more about their mission and find their contact information.

If any information about your organization has changed, make sure to go into your social media bios and adjust the content accordingly. And if you have more information to add, feel free to add it.   

  1. Make sure the right people have access to your accounts.

Staff turnovers take place all the time in any industry – including nonprofits and small businesses. Whenever this occurs, it is vital to make sure that the right people have access to the right documents, files – and social media accounts.

If your organization hired a new team member whose duty it is to monitor social media, ensure that this new employee or intern has access to the passwords for sites such as Instagram or Twitter. If they are to manage your LinkedIn and Facebook pages, make sure to grant them permission to act as an administrator or an editor to the page.

On the flip side, say a team member who oversaw running and managing your social media accounts left your organization at the end of the year. (It is okay – it happens.) You want to make sure that these previous employees do not constantly get notifications for your organization’s pages or accidentally post from your accounts. For this reason, be sure to edit their permission statuses on Facebook and LinkedIn and change the passwords of other social channels.

  1. Change social media account passwords.

Speaking of changing passwords, I am often asked how often organizations should be changing their social media passwords. According to a blog post published by PSafe, an organization who provides mobile privacy, organizations should update their passwords once or twice a year to maximize security and limit their chances of being hacked.

And there is no better time to update your password then at the end of the year when you are freshening up your social media.

Go into accounts such as Twitter and Instagram and create new and strong passwords for your organization. (Here are some tips from WebRoot, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, on how to create a strong password.) Then, share the new login information with the employees monitoring the accounts. Also, encourage these same employees to update their personal social media passwords – we want their information to be safe, as well!

  1. Unfollow the “wrong” accounts.

Surprisingly enough, target audiences do look to see what accounts your organization follows. Oftentimes, they do this to find out more about other organizations and individuals with similar focuses and learn more about your organization as a whole. If you followed the “wrong” accounts throughout the year, this could potentially reflect poorly on your team in 2019.

“Wrong” accounts do not necessarily mean spam accounts or trolls, although they certainly do fall at the top of the list. These accounts also include those that do not engage on social, those that have followed your organization to simply get a follow back and those that do not align with your organization’s focus and goals.

As you are freshening up your social media for the new year, go ahead and unfollow all these “wrong” accounts – people do notice and care.


In today’s technological age, the social media of your nonprofit or small business plays a huge role in how your organization is represented to your target audiences. To communicate the most quality message and deliver the most relevant information, your social media should be relevant, updated and accurate.

So, take on the new year by freshening your social media accounts. Doing this is effective, quick – and you can do it while curled up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.

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