By the Dot Org Solutions team

The holidays are upon us and, along with cold weather and food comas, comes the spirit of giving. During this time of year, people recognize those whom they are thankful for and show their appreciation through volunteering, donating and gift giving.

And this happens all over the world.

Take Iceland, for example. Icelandic people typically give books as holiday gifts, and it has even become a tradition in some Icelandic households for family members to give each other a book on Christmas Eve and then spend the evening reading them.

No, the Dot Org Solutions team is not from Iceland – however, we want to give you, our readers, a similar early holiday treat.

The electronic versions of books are blogs – and this post, our gift to you, is a recap of our some of our blog posts for you to read and enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite blog posts from September, October and November.

Let’s plan some sort of fundraiser…

Holiday party planning is stressful for any host or hostess – and, for some professionals in the nonprofit sector, event planning can be one of their work responsibilities. In this post, Sara Lundenberger, our director of fundraising consulting, talks about every step of fundraiser planning, from what to consider before planning to recapping after the event.

5 ways to make your nonprofit’s social media more engaging

Yes, during this time of year, users of social media will be posting pictures and videos of children opening presents and holiday decorations. But, what should nonprofits be posting on their platforms, not just in the winter months, but throughout the year? Our marketing and PR account coordinator, Lauryn Rosinski, gives tips on how nonprofits can make their social media platforms engaging for target audiences.

7 things leaders can do to run their nonprofit organization more like a business

Despite the increase in holiday vacations, the nonprofit world never sleeps – and neither does the business world. As a professional who has worked in both types of industries, our president, Amy Wong, discusses in her blog post how leaders in the nonprofit sector can run their organizations more like a business – while staying true to the organizations’ missions.

Are the Facebook fundraising features the best tools for your nonprofit?

Gift giving does not just happen in-person anymore. Many social media users create Facebook “fundraisers” on their birthdays to encourage their followers to donate to nonprofits of their choice. While this inspires millions of charitable donations, should nonprofits rely on this feature? Sara Lundenberger answers this question in this blog post.

9 tips on how to write and prepare an engaging speech

Preparing for the holiday season, whether it is by gift shopping or stringing up lights, is not easy. Writing and preparing a speech is not necessarily a simple task, either. Thankfully, Jeanine Black, our director of marketing and PR services, gives a few helpful tips on how to create a dynamic, thoughtful speech in this blog post.

5 things every nonprofit board should review regularly

One way to give back this holiday season is by becoming a board member for a nonprofit organization. However, to be a useful board member, you must support your organization’s mission, take on certain responsibilities – and review documents, policies and more. In this blog post, Amy Wong discusses five things every nonprofit board should review regularly.


As you work off the holiday fray and recover from planning holiday parties, visiting family members and eating mountains of unhealthy food, we hope you read these blog posts and find in them some knowledge, value – and even humor.

Thank you and happy holidays!


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