By the Dot Org Solutions team

We are close to wrapping up the first quarter of the work year – and it has been full of change.

Over the past three months, the Dot Org Solutions team has:

  • Hired a manager of marketing and PR services (welcome to the team, Kayleigh!)
  • Expanded into, painted and furnished “the Annex,” our new conference space next door to our office
  • Added new clients and marketing and fundraising projects to our ever-growing roster

Additionally, at the beginning of this quarter, the Dot Org Solutions team changed the way we create our blog posts. Each team member now focuses their blog posts on certain categories, which have been determined based on their experiences and job responsibilities. Overall, this change has allowed us to develop blogs that provide each team member’s unique insight and subject knowledge.

To further demonstrate the change in our blog writing process, here is a recap of our first quarter blogs based on our blog “categories.”

Amy Wong, president – Nonprofit and small business leadership and management

Amy understands what leaders of nonprofits and small businesses need to know and do in order to be successful. After all, she has been the president of Dot Org Solutions for almost 10 years and has almost 30 years of experience in fundraising and marketing, mostly in the nonprofit sector. Amy also attends networking events, consults with mentors and participates in programs such as Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses to further grow her company and small business knowledge base.

For these reasons, Amy’s blog posts are full of advice, facts and insider input for leaders of nonprofits and small businesses.

Some of Amy’s blogs for this quarter include:

Get out of your own way: 4 personal and leadership development tips I learned from attending a conference from another industry – After attending #SeriousBusiness2019, a conference focused on the beauty industry, Amy wrote her blog on tips she learned from entrepreneurs, salon owners, consultants and more.

6 ways to become a transparent nonprofit leader – In this blog post, Amy discussed how nonprofit leaders can be transparent with their team, board, donors and volunteers – and why it is important.

Know your numbers – 4 fundraising metrics nonprofit leaders should know and track – Amy focused on some of the most important metrics and numbers for nonprofit leaders in this post.

If you are interested in learning more about a nonprofit and small business leadership topic, submit a blog post idea for Amy at [email protected].

Sara Lundenberger, director of nonprofit consulting – Fundraising and nonprofits

Sara knows a thing or two about the nonprofit sector – in fact, she has more than 12 years of experience working for nonprofits and currently serves on the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northeast Ohio Chapter board. Because of her background, Sara has a well-rounded knowledge of fundraising, annual giving campaigns, corporate giving strategies, grant writing and other areas of giving that help nonprofits succeed. Overall, Sara benefits the team and our clients with her nonprofit and fundraising consulting services.

Sara’s blogs focus on topics relating to nonprofit operations and fundraising best practices. Some of her blogs from this quarter include:

Not so trendy fundraising tips for 2019 – For this blog post, Sara discussed the tried and true basics of fundraising that have proven to be successful.

Using rented lists to acquire donors – To help fundraisers and nonprofit professionals with their list buying (or renting) efforts, Sara wrote this blog post as an answer to some of the most frequently asked list related questions.

Monthly giving and how it can boost annual giving – Sara provided facts and insight into monthly giving for nonprofits and how it impacts annual giving in this blog post.

If you are interested in learning more about fundraising and nonprofit operations, submit a blog post idea for Sara at [email protected].

Lauryn Rosinski, marketing and PR account coordinator – Social media and content creation

Lauryn has created marketing content and materials and managed social media accounts for nonprofits during her time at Dot Org Solutions and previous internships. Lauryn also implemented social media and marketing best practices when she was a student at Kent State University.

Because of her experience in social media management and content creation, Lauryn’s blog posts focus on these two key areas. Her most recent blog posts include:

Creating content like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Lauryn wrote her blog post on some lessons content creators can take from Dr. King’s speech and sermon writing.

4 reasons millennials “love” social media – and why they matter to your nonprofit – After gauging the inputs of her millennial social media followers, Lauryn developed a list of reasons why millennials love social media and why this information is relevant to nonprofit organizations.

4 tips for creating impactful personal social media accounts – In this blog post, Lauryn provided some tips on how nonprofit employees can make their personal social media accounts impactful and professional.

If you are interested in learning more about social media and content creation best practices, submit a blog post idea for Lauryn at [email protected].

Kayleigh Fladung, marketing and PR services manager – Nonprofit and general marketing best practices

Prior to joining the Dot Org Solutions team in February, Kayleigh served as a marketing professional for numerous organizations in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. As a result, Kayleigh gained experienced in creating marketing plans and campaigns, developing marketing strategies and coordinating additional marketing efforts. Overall, Kayleigh’s roles have given her key insight into storytelling and marketing best practices.

For the next quarter, Kayleigh will focus her blog posts on nonprofit and general marketing best practices. Until then, get to know more about Kayleigh by checking out her blog post on why she is proud to be part of the Dot Org team.

If you are interested in learning more about marketing best practices and execution, submit a blog post idea for Kayleigh at [email protected].


Although a lot has happened this quarter, our team is incredibly excited about the new developments and changes. We can’t wait to see what the second quarter has in store – and we are looking forward to writing more blog posts for you.

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