By Lauryn Rosinski – Marketing and PR account coordinator 

As of tomorrow, November 13, I will have been a member of the Dot Org Solutions team for exactly one year.

I can’t believe that almost 365 days have passed since I began my journey as the marketing and PR account coordinator for this small marketing and fundraising firm on the seventh floor of Bounce Innovation Hub. Over this period of time (give or take a few holidays, weekends and vacation days), I have written countless social media posts, worked on marketing campaigns, developed grant applications, attended events and consumed an enormous amount of coffee.

These experiences have been incredibly important for my professional growth; however, what I will take away the most from my first year at Dot Org Solutions will not be what I have done, but rather what I have learned.

And, for this blog post, I am going to cover some of the most important lessons I have gained from working with Amy Wong, Jeanine Black, Sara Lundenberger and our clients.

  1. Pay attention to the details.

In today’s fast-paced professional world, it can be easy to just focus on the big picture. We all have deadlines to meet and projects to deliver. When you are trying to complete all your work tasks, you might want to simply take a quick look at the document you are editing or the social media status you are posting, tell yourself they look fine and then move onto the next agenda item.

Try not to fall into this pattern.

By working at Dot Org Solutions, I have discovered the importance of details. Something as small as the number in a date line, the spelling of a name or the crop of a photo can make all the difference.  Remember – the details all contribute to the bigger picture.

Make sure to, as my supervisor and our director of marketing and PR services, Jeanine, says, “slow your roll,” and pay attention to the little things. You will benefit in the long-run.

  1. Take accountability for your mistakes – and learn from them.

A few months ago, I watched Ashleigh Axios, the former creative director and digital strategist of the Obama White House, speak at an American Advertising Federation – Akron (AAF – Akron) event. She recounted many stories of her time working in the Obama administration – including one where a member of the information technology staff messed up part of a video presentation during the State of the Union.

Let’s face it – whether you are an employee of the most renowned political office in the country or an entry-to-mid-level worker like me, you are going to make mistakes. And how you handle those mistakes says more about who you are as a professional than the mistakes themselves.

When you make a mistake, own up to it – and then fix it. Don’t simply apologize and move on – provide a solution. And, once the problem has been resolved, learn from it and take necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Trust me – you will learn a lot more from your failures than you will your successes.

  1. Develop yourself professionally outside of the office.

Prior to joining the Dot Org Solutions team, my entire life was devoted to sending out resumes and meeting professionals in the marketing and communications industries. When I received the phone call from Amy, telling me I had gotten the job, I remember feeling pure excitement… and then wondering:

“What’s next?”

There is such an emphasis put on getting and keeping a job – and rightfully so! However, there is only so much you can learn during an eight-hour workday. By working with three women who are incredibly involved in their community and who are active board members (learn more about being a responsible board member here), I have found that, in order to continually grow in your profession, you must take on other opportunities.

Since I started at Dot Org Solutions, I have joined two professional organizations (the Public Relations Society of America and AAF – Akron), attended the YouToo digital marketing conference, listened to experienced entrepreneurs speak at a meetup and more.

And I plan to do even more before my two-year anniversary!

  1. Ask questions – and listen to the answers.

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned as an employee of Dot Org Solutions is to never be afraid to ask questions.

No matter what professional setting you are in, you should never assume anything about your work – this can only lead to a lot of avoidable mistakes. Ask questions – and don’t think people will feel you are uneducated for doing so. For the most part, they will recognize you as an employee that takes initiative and cares.

Of course, when you ask a question, listen to the answer. This may seem obvious – however, it is a step that many employees (including myself, at times) skip. By paying attention to what your client or coworker is saying to you, you will not only successfully execute the task you have on hand, but you will also be prepared for future projects and become a more well-rounded professional.


This past year has flown by, and I am truly amazed at everything that I have learned. Obviously, there is still room to grow, but I am proud of myself for the projects I have contributed to and the people I have worked with.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Dot Org Solutions, and I am looking forward to what the next year holds!

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