By The Dot Org Solutions Team

As members of a marketing and fundraising consulting agency, we at Dot Org Solutions always try to balance two parts of our job: 1) helping our clients and 2) practicing what we preach. We know the importance of certain fundraising and marketing tactics and, therefore, we attempt to tackle them for our own agency.

We encourage our clients to get their messages out to key publics, establish themselves as thought leaders and create their own voices by distributing content. One way to effectively complete all these tasks is by writing blog posts.

Since we wanted to adopt similar practices as our clients, we decided as a resolution for 2018 that we would post blogs more regularly. And we are pretty excited to say that we have posted one blog a week, each with a different topic and focus.

Many of these blogs were full of advice. After all, we refer to ourselves as consultants, and we would not be benefitting our clients if we did not give them recommendations to help their nonprofit and marketing work grow. Some examples of these blog posts included:

Being loud is not enough: Jeanine Black, our director of marketing and PR services, uses her experience at a concert to explain why successful marketing is distributing the right message to the right people at the right time – and how clients can deliver targeted and relevant content.

Data and you: Our president, Amy Wong, explains why organized data is essential to a nonprofit and provides tips on how to collect and take care of data.

Four reasons nonprofits should engage millennials: As a millennial, our marketing and PR account coordinator, Lauryn Rosinski, has witnessed how members of Generation Y can be beneficial to a nonprofit organization. She explains to members of nonprofits why they should engage with millennials and gives tips on how they can create relationships with members of this demographic.

Nonprofit board members’ responsibilities aren’t what they used to be: In her line of work, our director of fundraising consulting Sara Lundenberger has interacted with many board members – and clearly understands the time and effort it takes to be a board member. In this blog post, she gives clear advice on how to be a quality board member.

Our blog posts also serve as channels to the marketing and fundraising worlds. We oftentimes use these posts to discuss trends in the nonprofit sector and beyond. Some of the information we find is through specific materials, such as nonprofit reports. Other times, the information we find is based off of newsworthy topics. Some subjects we have covered include:

Football meets philanthropy – What nonprofits can learn from Super Bowl ads: Lauryn Rosinski observes the marketing trends from advertisements of one of the nation’s most viewed events – the Super Bowl.

How to achieve gold medal fundraising: Sara Lundenberger is not just a director of fundraising consulting – she is also an Olympics fanatic. She uses the events of the Olympics, which were trending based off of the legacy of the games, to explain fundraising initiatives and jobs.

Trends in giving from 2017 – and what to do with the data: Amy Wong reviews the information from giving reports of 2017 (provided by the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact and Nonprofit Tech for Good) to identify trends in the nonprofit sector and share them with blog readers.

Finally, some of our blog posts give a more in-depth look at the Dot Org Solutions team members. We have used our blogs to show our audiences who we are, what we do and why we do it. Through these blog posts, we hope to show current and potential clients that we are not just consultants and advisors – we are friends who understand what they are going through. Some of our personal blog posts include:

International Women’s Day 2018 – Celebrating the influence of women: As a female owner of a business, Amy Wong understands the impact and power of women. In this blog post, she shows appreciation for the women who have helped shape her personally and professionally.

How my brother inspired me to work in nonprofits: Lauryn Rosinski tells the story of how her brother was diagnosed with autism – and how this diagnosis inspired her to work for the nonprofit sector.

See you on the frontlines – A nonprofit consultant’s resolution for a new year: Jeanine Black details how a volunteer experience gave her a unique perspective of the sector she serves – and inspired her to do more.

Although writing these blog posts has had its set of obstacles (typically writers’ block), we have found it beneficial to distribute them during these past four months. However, in order for us to continuously post relevant content, we need the help of you, our readers.

Let us know what topics you want to read about. Tell us what blog posts you liked. We are constantly looking to not only write topics of inspiration, but to also be inspired.

We are excited to tackle more topics during the next quarter – and we cannot wait for you to be a part of this blogging journey with us.