Coffee Shop

WEBINAR – Resilience in Communities

In this session, we will discuss the importance of healthy communities and how they affect the nonprofit sector. Our panelists will address the topic of community health in a variety of ways – physical, financial and structural – and its impact on our communities as a whole. Speaker information will be available soon.

WEBINAR – Resilience for Nonprofit Organizations

This session will address the steps nonprofits need to take now, in the short term and in the long term in order to survive and thrive during and after the pandemic. Panelists will discuss a range of operational, strategic and financial strategies to help nonprofits think beyond COVID. Speaker information coming soon.

WEBINAR – Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021

Webinar Akron, OH

Join us for our first Coffee Shop webinar of 2021. This quarter, we will be focusing on strategy and planning for your nonprofit. Our first topic will be "Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021." Our president Amy Wong is a frequent speaker on strategy and planning and will talk about several topics including: Leadership […]

WEBINAR – Now Is the Time To Rethink Your Nonprofit Marketing

Webinar Akron, OH

A new way of living and working during the pandemic has changed the way people seek information and communicate. This change has become a driving force for new marketing trends that will likely continue well beyond 2021. Many people were forced to do more online and become more technologically savvy during the pandemic and are […]

WEBINAR – Digital Data for Nonprofits

Webinar Akron, OH

Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit's digital marketing can provide you with a wealth of information about what part of your marketing strategy is working (and what isn't). Data analysis […]

Coffee Shop Webinar – Inside the Mind of a Donor

Webinar Akron, OH

Understanding the motivations, behaviors and actions of donors are vital to leveraging your fundraising initiatives and goals. By examining the experience through the mind of a potential donor, nonprofits can […]

Coffee Shop Webinar – The Psychology Behind Giving at Year-End

Webinar Akron, OH

It’s commonly known that year-end giving contributes substantially to nonprofit funding. But why? Many organizations work longer hours and print more pledge cards to increase donations. However, there may be […]