Nonprofits of all sizes can do a great job at fundraising. It doesn’t require a staff of 20 and a huge budget to do things well and raise the money you need for your organization. Being effective, however, does require solid systems, plans and goals. Our Fundraising Readiness Assessment™ is an evaluation of your current fundraising operations to determine where you need to focus efforts and resources to get better results.

Our assessments are:

  • Based upon organizational and staff goals
  • Collaborative
  • Data driven
  • Guided by upon more than 50 metrics used by the best-performing fundraising teams.

These assessments are designed to be a positive experience for organizations and their boards, not audits to determine whether someone is doing something wrong. We are non-judgmental in our approach and focus on what is going right and what needs improvement. The Fundraising Readiness Assessment™ is not a campaign feasibility study. It is an evaluation of your internal structure and is often a precursor to departmental growth or a campaign.

We have several pricing options designed to meet your budget.

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