Strategies and content to get your grant projects funded

Writing grants takes time – often time you don’t have.

Our team will help you create a grant program that gives you the best chance of success in getting the funding you need. We start with comprehensive research to identify potential funders and develop a grant strategy that aligns with your fundraising goals. Then, we will work with you to develop copy, budgets, submit grants and help manage your program after grant awards are received.


Grant administration

We manage the details before and after you receive grant funds.


We seek out opportunities for funding your projects through a variety of sources.


Grant writing and coordination

We organize your grant team and write compelling content that inspires funders to give.

Temporary grant assistance

We help when you are short on staff, deadlines are tight or just need a little help for a special project.


We organize your grant projects so you stay on track with deadlines for grants and important reporting requirements.

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