By the Dot Org Solutions team 

It is hard to believe we are wrapping up our third business quarter for the year.

Over these past few weeks, we have evolved and grown as a team. We have added an administrative assistant (give a warm welcome to Meredith!), updated our website, started fully implementing inbound marketing software (HubSpot) and upgraded our messaging.

Despite all these developments, we have stayed committed to our overall goal as a company – helping nonprofits and small businesses take the frustration out of fundraising and make marketing manageable.

We work hard to build plans and solutions for our clients that set them up for marketing and fundraising success. For this quarter’s blog posts, we primarily focused on providing advice and explaining how we can further serve the nonprofit and small business sectors.

We gave insight into operational and organizational best practices.

We understand what happens behind the scenes for small businesses and nonprofits. After all, we all work for a small business and all have experiencing working and/or volunteering for nonprofits. We will help your leadership team and staff answer questions regarding operations and provide guidance from an outside perspective using best practices.

Amy Wong, the president of our company, wrote several posts on advice for organizational leadership and staff.

Giving, staffing, technology, cybersecurity and sustainabilityIn this blog post, Amy discusses five relevant factors for nonprofit leadership to consider when planning for 2020.

3 operational changes leaders must make to propel their nonprofit or small businessAmy gives advice on methods nonprofits and small businesses can adopt to improve their operations.

Outsourcing work to the best peopleWe work with talented vendors and contractors to execute client projects. Amy discusses key attributes for nonprofits and small businesses to look for when selecting a vendor partner or contractor.

We provide tools and services to help nonprofits and small businesses further their marketing and fundraising efforts.

Nonprofits and small businesses give community members and constituents the tools they need to succeed. At Dot Org Solutions, we have developed tools and services that help our clients evaluate their current marketing and fundraising efforts, suggest changes and ultimately set them up for future, sustainable success.

Our blog posts this quarter focused on marketing and fundraising tools we have created and other helpful external resources.

4 reasons your nonprofit should conduct a marketing assessmentIn this blog post, our marketing and PR services manager, Kayleigh Fladung, discusses marketing assessments and why we conduct them for nonprofits and small businesses.

4 reasons a Fundraising Readiness Assessment™ may be the right choice for youOur director of nonprofit consulting, Sara Lundenberger, discusses the benefits of having the Dot Org team conduct a Fundraising Readiness Assessment™ for your nonprofit.

Exploring LinkedInLauryn Rosinski, our marketing and PR account coordinator, writes about the perks of using LinkedIn – and gives insight into best practices for this social networking platform.

A year-end appeal checklistSara shares a checklist for nonprofits and fundraisers to use when preparing for and executing year-end appeals.

We help nonprofits and small businesses develop the right messages for the right constituents.

Every nonprofit and small business is unique. So, it is important for them to develop messaging that effectively communicates their unique offerings and impact. We will work with you to determine who your audiences are and the best methods of reaching them to ultimately raise more funds and build awareness. We discussed audience identification and message development in some of this quarter’s blog posts.

3 reasons your nonprofit needs to establish marketing personasBefore you can reach your audiences, you must first identify who your audiences are. In this blog post, Kayleigh discusses why nonprofits can benefit from a marketing persona building exercise.

4 things to remember about social media donors for year-end givingWith year-end giving just around the corner, Lauryn writes about donors who are using social media and how to appeal to them through online platforms.

4 tips for ensuring your messaging communicates impactNonprofits make a tremendous impact and it is important to effectively communicate that impact. Kayleigh gives best practices for nonprofits on how to explain to donors and constituents that their work is making a difference.


This blog post recap features a handful of examples of the work we do at Dot Org Solutions. Contact us to find out more about how we can serve your nonprofit or small business.

And, continue to check out our fourth quarter blog posts for more tips, advice and guidance!


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