Marketing Plans

Successful marketing requires planning and research. Without them, your organization is likely spending money to see what “sticks.” That’s where Dot Org’s marketing planning and assessment services can help.

Marketing assessments

Your organization may just not have the budget for a full marketing plan right now. Or, maybe you just want to have a better idea of where your organization stands in terms of its marketing and marketing spending. This is where our marketing assessments work best.

Our marketing assessments are designed for help you get a clearer understanding of what your organization is currently doing with its marketing efforts. Our assessment process involves a comprehensive analysis of current procedures, materials, personnel, budget and marketing activities to make sure your messaging aligns with your organizational goals.

Marketing plans

If your organization is ready for more comprehensive strategies, our marketing planning process will help provide structure to your marketing efforts. From research to tactics, we work with your marketing and leadership teams to develop a plan that will align your organization’s marketing and strategic communications goals.

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