Taking the frustration out of fundraising and making marketing manageable

Our team works with you to develop and implement effective strategies to raise more money and improve the visibility of your  product or service. This leads to less frustration with fundraising and a more manageable marketing program.

When your fundraising and marketing are well planned and implemented, you can spend more time on the important tasks that improve the lives of those you serve. You will also generate more revenue, spend more  more time in front of the people you want to reach, and have more energy to focus on more important things things in your organization.

Strategy & Planning

We develop strategies and plans that align with your goals and reach your audiences.


We make working with a fundraising or marketing consultant a positive experience.


We put your plans into action and help with some of the smaller projects when you some extra help. 


We provide your team with the knowledge and guidance they need to do their job better.

Content and design

We develop content that your audiences want to read and make your materials stand out.

Grant writing & management

We help you develop grants and grant plans to get your projects funded.

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