Staffing solutions

We help you get things done when you are short on resources.

Work is overwhelming when you have limited staff resources. So, what happens when one of your key people leaves?

It means even more work for you.

We alleviate the stress of staff transition and hiring so you can focus on getting the best candidate. We work on site or remotely to meet deadlines, keep plans in motion, prepare for a new team member and train that team member so they are effective soon after they are hired.

Not dealing with staff transition but need a little extra help? We can be an extension of your team and take on projects that you just don’t have time for.

  • Annual fund coordination and appeal writing
  • CRM/database cleanup
  • Department clean up and evaluation
  • Fundraising campaign development and implementation
  • Grant writing, research and planning
  • Marketing campaign development and implementation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Social media and digital marketing management
  • Stewardship activities

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