By the Dot Org Solutions team

The second quarter of the business year flew by for the Dot Org Solutions team. Over the span of 131,400 minutes (yes, that’s how many minutes are in three months), we have managed to conduct research, launch campaigns, network and continue to provide marketing and fundraising services throughout northeast Ohio.

But, our scope of work did not stop there.

During this quarter, the Dot Org team has done quite a bit of travelling. Our president, Amy, provided her insight as a speaker at multiple education seminars throughout northeast Ohio. Meanwhile, our director of nonprofit consulting services, Sara, attended meetings with a client in Maryland. And Kayleigh, our marketing and PR services manager, continues to conduct marketing research for a client in Cleveland. Lauryn, our marketing and PR account coordinator, spent a lot of time in the office, but someone had to hold down the fort.

Whether the Dot Org team has been in Akron, another city or even another state, we have found ourselves answering these two questions over the second quarter:

“Who are you? What do you do?”

And we have also answered these questions in our second quarter blog posts.

Check out this recap to get a better sense of Dot Org as a company and our team.

We are fundraising consultants.

At Dot Org Solutions, we help nonprofits determine fundraising best practices and identify areas of improvement in current fundraising operations. We also serve as a partner and are here to provide nonprofits with our counsel whenever needed.

In her blog posts this quarter, Sara provided insight into fundraising practices and gave an overview of the role of a fundraising consultant. Some of her blogs include:

7 “foolish” mistakes fundraisers are making – As a special April Fool’s Day post, Sara discusses some mistakes fundraisers can make – and how fixing these can save a nonprofit time and money.

So, what does a fundraising consultant do? – In this blog post, Sara explains the role of a fundraising consultant and why Dot Org Solutions is the right choice for fundraising consultancy services.

We are marketing consultants and storytellers.

The other side of the Dot Org Solutions team is the marketing expertise. We help nonprofits and small business tell their stories through different marketing efforts and provide insight into current marketing practices.

Kayleigh provides a unique look into the world of marketing and the services of a marketing consultant. Her blogs for the second quarter include:

Tips for effectively telling your nonprofit’s story – A common challenge for nonprofits is effectively telling their story in a way that speaks to their clients and potential donors. Kayleigh provides insight into how nonprofits can do this – even with a short staff and a tight budget.

Three problems a marketing consultant can help you solve – We understand that nonprofits and small businesses may face challenges when developing or implementing a marketing plan. Some may not have a marketing plan at all. In this post, Kayleigh explains how marketing consultants can help nonprofits establish and meet marketing goals.

We are social media savvy.

Social media is becoming one of the most popular forums for organizations to communicate who they are and what they do. Various social media platforms can be effective for nonprofits – when used correctly.

In this quarter, Lauryn focused her blog posts on social media best practices. Some of her blog posts include:

Celebrate good times, come on: Preparing your social media for holidays and days of celebration – In this blog post, Lauryn helps nonprofits identify when they should post about holidays on social media and what content will resonate with followers.

5 tips on how to use social media marketing during an event – Nonprofits often have fundraising events and ceremonies to put their names out in the community and raise some dollars. Lauryn explains how they can use social media during these events – and points out some mistakes to avoid.

We understand the world of grant writing.

When assisting clients with their fundraising efforts, we help many of them with grants. Our grant writing services are unique because we are able to help clients from the beginning of the grant process – assisting with research, writing the narrative and handling the marketing efforts once dollars are awarded.

For this quarter, Sara, Lauryn and Kayleigh developed a grant writing series. The three parts of this series include:

Step 1: How to start a grant program – In the first excerpt of this blog series, Sara talks about the initial stages of grant process, including determining fundraising priorities and studying potential funders.

Step 2: How to write a compelling grant – For the second part of this series, Lauryn discusses the important things writers should keep in mind when constructing a grant, including focusing on their mission and using SMART goals in the narrative.

Step 3: How to market grant awards and steward funders – Once nonprofits receive requested grant dollars, it is important to recognize funders accordingly. Kayleigh provides best practices of stewarding funders and marketing awards in this post.

We provide advice – and have been doing so for 10 years.

During this quarter, we celebrated a momentous occasion – our tenth year in business. Although we have spent these years providing marketing and fundraising services, we have also served as partners to our clients, providing insight and advice every step of the way.

Amy dedicated her blog posts this quarter to some of the insight she has gained as a leader in the industry and as the president of a company. Her blogs from the second quarter include:

Prioritizing when it doesn’t seem possible – We all have those weeks (or even months) where everything is happening at once and prioritizing can be overwhelming. In this post, Amy gives advice on how best to pick and choose priorities – and let go of perfectionism.

Celebrating 10 years – After 10 years of running a consulting firm, Amy has learned quite a few things – and some Amy-isms have developed along the way. This blog post focuses on some of her favorite business one-liners, anecdotes and lessons.


This second quarter, we have talked (and written) about all our operations as an agency. And we cannot wait to continue to do what we do best in the third quarter and beyond.

Want to learn more about Dot Org Solutions? Contact us at [email protected] or 330.247.2180.