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Are you looking for information on a particular topic? Here is a list of our pre-recorded webinars for your viewing.

Strategic planning

Planning for your strategic plan

Engaging your team in the strategic planning process

Five key things to include in your strategic plan

Keeping your strategic plan front and center - implementation and accountability

Understanding your donors

Inside the mind of a donor

The psychology behind giving at year-end

Inbound marketing

Now is the time to rethink your nonprofit marketing

Improving your nonprofit's digital presence

Digital data for nonprofits

Resilience for nonprofit professionals

Your physical and mental health

Resilient nonprofits

Planning your year-end appeal

Diving into your data - using donor data to drive results

Demystifying direct mail

Developing a timeline for your year-end appeal

Drafting dynamic campaign copy

Making the most of your virtual event


Corporate support

The auction


E-books and guides

A Practical Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Guide This guide is designed to help you and your organization better understand the strategic planning process, its role in your organization and how to implement a plan successfully.

What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a flexible guide linking your nonprofit’s mission and values with its actions and lays out a set of measurable goals, objectives and tactics to help you achieve its long-range vision.

Why do you need it?

A strategic plan will give you and your team structure to accomplish your long-term vision and the latitude to change course if needed. And perhaps even more importantly, your strategic plan gives you the framework to unleash and implement big ideas that will put your organization above the rest.

How can we help?

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