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    Google Ad Grants

    Connecting constituents to your nonprofit

    As a nonprofit, your marketing and fundraising budget is limited. That’s why Google Ad Grants can provide a great boost to your organization!  The extra $10,000 per month in digital ad spend sounds great – and it is. Yet you may shy away from it because of the complexity of setting up and maintaining the grant. 
    Our digital marketing team provides Google Ad Grant services to help you get the most of that extra digital advertising budget. We alleviate the headaches of learning a new tool, help you set up campaigns that drive traffic to your organization’s website and provide ongoing support to ensure your campaigns are working. 
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    Onboarding and setup

    We work with you to review goals, build your account, research keywords, write ad copy and get you ready to run your first campaign.

    Management and reports

    We monitor campaign progress to ensure goals are being met and make adjustments as needed. We also provide regular progress reports.

    Support services

    We offer additional services to help your campaigns be the best they can be including content development, website analysis and more.


    Onboarding & campaign set up

    Setting up your account go get you up and running

    • Review goals & build account structure
    • Website analysis & keyword research
    • Google Analytics analysis
    • Build campaigns & keyword lists
    • Write ad copy
    • Build ad extensions & assets
    • Set up conversion actions
    • Set geo-targeting
    • Set up bids & bid strategy
    • Optimize account based on goals


    Monthly management & reporting

    Optimizing your account and ensuring success to keep your grant

    • Weekly budget management
    • Weekly keyword analysis
    • Monthly targeting analysis
    • Monthly ad text review
    • Monthly competition analysis
    • Monthly Google Analytics review
    • Monthly reporting
    • Ongoing Google optimization
    • Quarterly reviews
    • Quarterly reports


    Additional technical & creative services

    Optional services to help you succeed and manage your grant

    • Website audit
    • Website optimization recommendaitons
    • Website copy updates
    • Landing page creation
    • Google Analytics set up
    • Ad Grant submission
    • Calculated properties
    • CMS membership
    • Filtered analytics view
    • UX/UI recommendations

    Pricing varies


    The Google Ad Grants program offers up to $10,000 in free Google Search ads per month to eligible nonprofit organizations. 

    To receive a Google Ad Grant, your organization must have 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. Schools, hospitals (and some other healthcare providers), colleges and government agencies are not eligible for grants. If you work for one of these organizations and have a separate foundation or supporting organization, you are eligible to apply. Churches, while tax-exempt by default, will need 501(c)(3) status to be eligible. 

    Your organization must also a high-quality website hosted on your own domain that is secured with HTTPS, has a SSL certificate installed and have Google Analytics installed. 

    1. Create a Google for Nonprofits account 
    2. Verify your nonprofit through TechSoup
    3. Submit a Google Ad Grant application 

    You can run search campaigns through the Ad Grant program. Display, shopping, or video campaigns are not eligible with Ad Grant money, though you can pay for those on your own.  

    We recommend you run campaigns that align with your marketing goals. Some examples of successful campaigns include organization branding, service promotion, hiring campaigns and fundraising campaigns. 

    There is no expiration. However, you are eligible to receive the grant monthly as long as you abide by Google's Ad Grant expectations. These include:

    • maintaining a 5% account CTR
    • keeping keyword quality score of two (2) or above
    • having two active ad groups per campaign
    • having two sitelink ad extensions per ad
    • specific geo-targeting
    • not having any single-word keywords
    • displaying active account management monthly
    • setting up conversion tracking
    • maintaining active Google Analytics tracking

    Your results will depend on the goals you are hoping to achieve. The purpose of using active search ads is to drive users to your website. 

    Therefore, gaining new website visitors and having those visitors take action are good ways to measure success. 

    Digital certifications

    Google Ads Certifications - Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Display Certification


    How can we help?

    Excited to get started? Want to learn more about our Google Ad Grant servcies?  Tell us a little more  and we'll get you what you need. Or schedule time to talk with us to learn how Google Ad Grants can help you reach your marketing and fundraising goals.