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Understanding digital marketing for nonprofits

Nonprofits with an established digital media presence are more likely to connect with their current and potential constituents in meaningful ways. But if you’re like most nonprofit professionals you’re probably already working at max capacity. So staying on top of the latest in digital media platforms and trends can be overwhelming.


Our team at Dot Org Solutions is here to support you. In addition to to our FREE digital marketing resources (blogs, webinars, downloads and more) we’re here to help you with your campaign strategies, ongoing marketing management and special projects. (Check out our digital marketing services.)

Downloads for saving

Digital definitions 101

Bounce rates, CPM, CTA, CPC, CTRs… what do they all mean? Our Digital Definitions 101 gives you quick explanations to a variety of common digital marketing measurement terms so you can make sense of your digital data. (Download now!)

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An investment of time

Looking for some longer content about a particular topic? Try one of our digital marketing Coffee Shop Webinars from the archives below or check out our upcoming webinars to see if there is anything that interests you.

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Keep going

No two days are ever that same in the nonprofit sector. It is sometimes the best and sometimes the worst part of the job.

That makes it difficult to stay on track with long-term projects, managing boards, training your team and planning for current and future needs. It takes time and focus, both of which may be difficult to find because of day-to-day emergencies or a large volume of other work.

Our consultants have a wide range of expertise in nonprofit operations and can help your organization run better through effective planning, training, process improvement and team building. We also have experience in plan implementation to help keep you on track.

  • Board/staff development & training
  • Database/CRM management
  • Fundraising & marketing evaluation
  • Fundraising & marketing planning
  • Policies & procedures
  • Strategic & organizational planning


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