Donor communications

Showing appreciation to those who support your organization and maintaining meaningful connections

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Organizations who have thoughtful donor communications are more likely to have long-term relationships with their donors and see increased gifts over time.

We provide a variety of services to help you improve your donor interactions and provide them with content to keep them engaged AND informed throughout their donor lifecycle. We have decades of experience working with nonprofits, so our team understands your needs and challenges.

Cases for support

We convey your philanthropic needs with insightful and informational case for support documents. We facilitate constituent discussions to develop compelling language and themes, then develop donor-centered content and graphic elements. 


Content creation

We develop relevant and compelling fundraising content for a variety of digital and traditional platforms including appeals, advertising/PPC, blogs, email, newsletters, print, social media, streaming and websites.


Digital strategy

We help you align your organization’s strategic goals with your fundraising goals. Then we will develop an actionable digital content plan to help you achieve those goals, raise more dollars and connect with those who support your mission.

Email marketing

We create email campaigns that are personalized, have content that is relevant to your donors and help maintain connections that are important to building donor loyalty and trust.

Invitations and event materials

We develop print and digital materials that build excitement around your event and complement your brand. From invitations to app graphics, we help you create consistency and awareness of your event.

Marketing collateral

We develop marketing materials that help you convey important information to donors with design that visually tells your story and content that is relevant to them.

Social media

We help you engage with your donors across social platforms, develop relevant content, monitor these engagements and report on progress through organic and paid campaigns.


We develop stewardship plans that help you structure your ongoing communications with donors, provide guidance for campaign recognition and develop materials that keep your supporters engaged and excited about your mission.

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