Connecting nonprofit professionals to high-quality education and resources

We believe that ongoing professional development is critical to the success of the nonprofit sector. We also know that many nonprofits cannot afford to invest in high-quality educational opportunities for their teams.

We launched our Dot Org Cafe in 2020 as a way to give back to the nonprofit sector through a variety of learning tools. These tools are all FREE to anyone who registers and feature a variety of topics, experts and resources to benefit nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and communicators. We are continuing to build out our resource library and content for you. 

Coffee Shop Webinars Dot Org Solutions Ohio

Coffee Shop Webinars

A group environment for casual, but focused learning with experts from a variety of backgrounds – Get notified of upcoming webinars.

Dot Org Espresso Weekly

Espresso Weekly

Small but mighty tips that provide a quick boost to your nonprofit or your career – COMING SUMMER 2022

Dot Org Coffee Break Newsletter

Coffee Break Monthly

Information you can read in the time it takes to drink your first cup of coffee, tea or other morning beverage. Subscribe now!

Dot Org Solutions

Downloadable content

Checklists, templates and other content to help you get organized. We will be adding lots of content in the summer of 2022!

Dot Org Solutions Blog

Our blog

Weekly posts from our Dot Org experts on a variety of nonprofit fundraising and marketing topics – Get our blog delivered to your inbox.

Dot Org Pour Over

The Pour Over

In-person learning opportunities that take a little longer but are worth it. COVID put the pause on these for a bit! We’re reimagining what they will look like!¬†

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