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You have many choices when it comes to selecting a nonprofit strategic planning firm. And many of them can help you build a plan for your organization. But when the plan is done, so is that firm’s work, leaving you and your organization to implement it.

Unfortunately, your plan is no help if you don’t have a strategy to complete it. Successful strategic plans require team buy-in, ongoing maintenance and timelines for completion. Our consultants work with you to develop your plan, help you implement it and get the buy-in from your staff so it is  actionable, time-driven and attainable.

Discovery & plan development

Our comprehensive research and discovery process includes stakeholder planning sessions to develop your strategy. We use this information to develop dashboard and strategic plan documents that are goal-driven and measurable.

Expanded dashboard development

The responsibility for accomplishing strategic goals often falls on staff who didn’t develop them. We will work with your team to build out task lists, create accountability structures and develop an expanded dashboard to organize roles and responsibilities.

Implementation & accountability

Our ongoing accountability coaching and team training will help you bring your plan to life and stay on task. This training will provide you and your team with the tools you need to stay focused and complete the plan.

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